DEM Wings


The WINGS project was born from a collaboration between S3A and the Mechanical Engineering Department, aiming a three wings prototypes construction to be used for low velocities flow at the Department’s wind tunnel. The main goal is to build a new laboratorial component for the students of the Aerodynamics I (Aerodynamics I) discipline, complementing the other curricular activities of that discipline.

All the wings will have as base a symmetrical NACA0012 profile, but will differ on the geometry: conventional, trapezoidal and ellipsoidal. The construction of the wings is being held in partnership with the EDP’s FABLAB, a laboratory in which we are using their milling machine to cut the wing’s mold. On a later stage the wings will be laminated with glass fiber.

It’s expected that the project will be completed during the first semester of 2013-2014.