A new look into cities and people


Started in 2010, Architrack (known among its operators and students at Lisbon Tech simply by “The balloon”) is a young, yet promising and ambitious, project being developed by S3A in cooperation with the Architecture Department of our University.

What started as a wooden prototype attached by key rings evolved to a 100% carbon-polymer made wireless connected air station equipped with nothing but a smart-phone able to, back in August 2012, collect images of the Campus at Alameda (Lisbon, Portugal) from an altitude of approximately 100 meters (nearly 334 feet).

Born from a healthy and fruitful collaboration with INESC the primary objective was to project a balloon-attached mobile camera station capable of providing video images that could be used by an INESC algorithm to scan the way in which people move within the urban environment (studying their trajectories, flow over time etc.).

After attracting the attention of Civil Engineers and members of the City Hall the project has taken a major step in the last months, and a fully-equipped electronic platform has already been projected, with a 9 degrees of freedom electronic gyro-stabilizer and sensors for altitude, pressure, wind speed and temperature measuring.

With applications that span from civil engineering to flight tests Architrack has shown great versatility and dynamic, making it an interesting investment for science investigators and engineers alike.


Current Responsible: João Aguiar.

Current Members: Afonso Ghira, André Sousa, David Melo, João Aguiar João Andrade, João Frazão, Nuno Sousa, Rita Carvalho.