Olisipo Team got the 12nd place in AIR CARGO CHALLENGE 2015, in Stuttgart. The big winners were the EUROAVIA Zagreb, with 463,5 pts, following the Born to Lift team, from Munich and EUROLIFTER in the 3rd place.

The team that represented Instituto Superior Técnico and ULisboa on ACC'15 arrived on 5th August at Stuttgart and prepared for the competition for two days. On 7 April the presentations and the technical inspections took place, which occurred withou any problems. Being the flight tests on the weekend, Olisipo team's airplane - Susie - didn't made any valid flight, for it had felt upon a tree the day before the arrival and needed more reinforcement. On the second day it made two wonderfull flights, with payloads of 3,5kg and 4,25 kg, and 11 and 12 laps, respectively.

It was a really nice stay at Stuttgart, we made a lot of connects and there was plenty of team and competition spirit between each team, with ones helping others.

We'd like to thank everyone that helped us in this project. Thanks to our friends and family for the support shown. Thanks to all of the S3A's members and former members for the help. Thanks to our sponsors JDR, Vitruvius FABLAB (ISCTE-IUL) and BPI and also to ACMA, IDMEC and AEIST for making this adventure a reality. Thanks to the FEUP team for helping us rebuilding our airplane after its crash on the 1st day and a special thanks to our skilfull (our precious) pilot Pedro Precioso for the dedication shown to this project.

We'd also like to thank to the teams PhoeniX, KU Leuven, UPC Venturi, Trencalòs and AERO@UBI for the friendhsip and to the organization EUROAVIA and AKA Modell Stuttgart for the excellent job on the field.

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