Nowadays in Europe, roughly a million people perish due to cardiac arrest... Many times due to the delay arrive of medical assistance.Motivated by these alarming statistic, Alec Momont, announced on 26th October, the completion of his ''ambulance-drone'' project, equipped with a defibrillator, which will render help to the victim in a minimal response period.



With the ability to traveling around 100Km/h, the drone can reach the local before any land vehicles providing the reanimation assistance requested . It is estimated that with this technological improvement it can increase the survival percentage from 8% to 80% because, with a cardiac arrest, the victim can be reanimated more effectively in the first 2 minutes. That's something feasible to do with a drone.

In a near future, it will be intended to implement a larger variety of medical equipment, so that it can respond to other emergency issues, like drowning, respiratory problems, etc.

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