Curso de Introdução ao Parapente

Introduction Course to Paragliding



Leaded by a passionate participant of free flight, a student of the Aerospace Engineering Integrated Master and a S3A’s member, the introduction course to paragliding is a recently born course (1st edition was in 2013) and only on a superficial introduction one, beholding the complexity of the world where it is inserted.

Being that so, there are discussed basic concepts to beginners’ level understanding, such as functioning, comportment and control of a paragliding wing. There are also discussed meteorological parameters that are crucial to the flight, the maneuvers and typical adventures of those who are experienced in paragliding searching for adrenaline, such as the dangers it brings.

This is a course for people who love to take their feet out of the ground. CIP has the goal to awake the little free flight monster than you have inside you, and for the braves of heart it embrace you with this radical sport and shows you de difference with it’s rivals free-fall, parachute jump and tandem jump.




1st  Session – Concepts and essential foundations


Part 1 and 2:

-Paragliding – the aircraft;

-Formation, licensing and investment;

-Competitive derivatives : 1) Cross-country; 2) Acrobatics;

-Red Bull X-Alps;

-Types of Flight;


-Flight Rules;

-Safety on flight;

-Philosophies and construction methodologies;

-Personal experiences; 

-Video’s display.


Part 3:


-Opening and analyzing of a paragliding wing.


2nd Session – Meteorology, thermal flight and construction methodologies



-Dynamic flight vs thermal flight (cross country);

-Video preview of Ewa Wiśnierska-Cieślewicz’s experience on a cumulonimbus;


The speaker:


João Freitas, MeAerstudent and S3A’s collaborator.

-Free flight Pilot- 3rd level (dynamic) (Paragliding, 2010);

-Free fligh Pilot- 4th level (cross-country) (Paraglidint. 2011); 

-Athlete of the year 2012, Clube Ludens Machico Paragliding section;

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