Curso de Introdução ao Aeromodelismo

Introduction Course to Aircraft Construction


The aim of this introductory course is to give to the students the basis in aircraft construction, from the design to the flying tests.

It was created to prepare all students who wish to participate in radio controlled aircraft competitions, giving them the practical tools to design build and fly these airplanes. It is also a way of applying the theoretical knowledge acquired in classes.

This introductory course started in October 2010 and was given to students every semester since then.


The main subjects discussed in the course are:

- Introduction to aerodynamic concepts;

- Softwares such as Solidworks and XFLR5;

- Composite Materials;

- CNC wood and foam cutting;

- Avionics;

- Aircraft's construction.



- 18€ for AEIST associates;

- 20€ for other students.



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