This is our activities section!

As an Aeronautics’ Section, we are interested both in being part and create activities about Aeronautics and Aerospace. We’ve already done many of them, and we hope we can continue our job, providing students from principally the Aerospace Engineering a way they can practice what they learn.

On this activities section you’ll hear all about that!

Mostly the main activity in which we participate is the Air Cargo Challenge. It’s because of this competition that S3A exists. It’s a biannual competition and as S3A we are a part of it since 2007. You can see our teams at the activities menu, or go from here:

2007 2009 2011 2013

And we’ll be a part of the next Air Cargo as well.


Another activity we created a long time ago, since 2010, is the CIA, Introduction Course to Airplane Construction (Curso de Introdução ao Aeromodelismo). This is a beginners course.
You can participate as well, each semester.

We also have the Flying Ideas activity. It’s a completion we created in 2012. It started as an internal competition but is now going bigger. It’s an annually competition in which each team is propelled to create a new innovating airplane.

At the present year we’re having the second edition. And this time it’s a competition to all the ULisboa. Hope we can see you there!


 And we have many more, just check out on the Activities Menu! 

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