The Universidade de Lisboa ( Ulisboa – University of Lisbon) is the successor of the previous Universidade Técnica de Lisboa ( UTL – Thecnical University of Lisbon ) and Universidade de Lisboa ( UL – University of Lisbon) resulting of the fusion between both institutions.

This projects results of a will to join, in the same institution, the diverse areas of knowledge, creating this way the best conditions to follow the evolution of the contemporaneous science, technology, arts and humanities science.

Discussing ULisboa is as discussing Lisbon itself. It in Lisbon at 1288 that the firs Portuguese university was fond, and it was later transferred to Coimbra, at the year of 1537.

As far as the XVIII century, the superior studies come back to the capital, through courses, schools and institutes than, at 1911 and 1930, fused on Universidade de Lisboa and Universidade Técnica de Lisboa

The ULisboa, now created, continues a story with more than seven centuries.