About S3A:



S3A is the Autonomous Section of Applied Aeronautics of Instituto Superior Técnico’s Student Association (Portuguese: Secção Autónoma de Aeronáutica Aplicada da Associação dos Estudantes do Instituto Superior Técnico) is an organization that aims to provide IST’s students the chance of gaining some practical background that reinforces the theoretical knowledge learned in classes.

The purposes of S3A are to: 

1 - Foster the development of technical and practical skills in the field of aeronautical design and manufacture, complementing the curricular theoretical knowledge from classes;

 2 - Promote the sharing of resources and knowledge, working as a connecting nucleus for teams participating in aeronautical activities and competitions, improving IST’s external representation; 

3 - Promote experience and knowledge transmission among colleagues; 

4 - Provide training in the areas of aeronautical design and manufacture, whenever possible;

5 - Disclose and promote the work made by IST's students in the field of aeronautics.


Currently, S3A is developing many projects and the lecture of a mini-course on model aircrafts.



IST – Instituto Superior Técnico

AEIST – Instituto Superior Técnico Student’s Association

S3A – Autonomous Section of Applied Aeronautics