Instituto Superior Técnico


The Instituto Superior Técnico has as mission contribute to the development of the society, promoting a superior teaching of quality on the areas of Engineering, Architecture, Science and Technology, on the stages of graduation, post-graduation and formation through life, developing activities of Research, Development and Innovation (RD&I), essentials to the progress of knowledge and to minister an education at the international high level standards.

Founded at 1911 from the division of the Industrial and Commercial Institute of Lisbon. The first rector of IST (1911-1922) was the Engineer Alfredo Bensaúde that, besides promoting a profound renovation on the teaching methods of engineering at Portugal, was the responsible for the creation of the first courses of engineering: Mining, Civil, Mechanics, Electronic and Chemical-Industrial. Later, on the mandate of Engineer Duarte Pacheco (1927-1932) it began the construction of the actual University Campus Alameda, in Lisbon. It’s at this time that IST joins Universidade Técnica de Lisboa, as one of its university. Throughout the next decade many engineers formed at IST start boosting the reputation of the university because of their great technical competence, visible on the many engineering constructions impulsed by Duarte Pacheco, the minister of Public Works at the time.

On the 90ths many courses were created, in the emergent engineering areas, extending the formative offer. At 2001 is established a new campus at Oeiras, the Taguspark, park of science and technology. In this facility are concentrated more than 120 companies that are based on technology. And at the school year of 2006/2007 the courses of IST finally adapt to the Bologna Process.

Today, IST is known both nationally and internationally as a great school of Engineering, Architecture, Science and Technology. It integrates the most prestigious laboratories ad institutes of RD&I at Portugal. IST is also involved at various nets and programs of international mobility, extending the offer to the graduation and post-graduation programs. Today, IST offers more than 20 programs of Masters (Double Diploma) with international schools and participates in programs of join PhD with MIT, CMU, UT-Austin and EPFL.