S3A’s Foundation



On October’s 15th of 2009, at the Instituto Superior Técnico’s Aerospace Engineering Laboratory 15 students from the same course, Aerospace Engineering, reunited and decided to create the Secção Autónoma de Aeronáutica Aplicada (S3A – Autonomous Section of Applied Aeronautics) as a section of Associação de Estudantes do IST (AEIST – Instituto Superior Técnico’s Students’ Association). 


Founding Members:

Diogo Vicente

David Melo 

José Pedro leite

Miguel Marreiro

Pedro Albuquerque

Pedro Ochôa

Pedro Paulo

Pedro Santos

Francisca Dias

Hugo Domingues

Hugo Marques

Horácio Moreira

Didier Andrade

Nuno Rosário 

Luís Carlos


The initial main goals of S3A’s creation were the following:

1 - Foment the development of the technical and practical skills on the ambit of the construction of the aeronautical project, as a complement to the curricular theoretical knowledge.

2 - Being a forging nucleus for the teams who participate at activities and competitions of the aeronautics ambit, promoting the share of resources and knowledge, improving the Instituto Superiro Técnico’s extern representation.

3 - Confer continuity to the previous projects, promoting experience and knowledge transmission.

4 - Proportionate formation at the areas of construction and aeronautic project, as our possibilities may allow.

5 - Promote the divulgation of work made by the students of Instituto Superior Técnico on the ambit of construction and aeronautical project.